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Dani Breckenridge

Illustrator + Graphic Designer

Dani Breckenridge is a freelance illustrator based in southern New Jersey.

Growing up, she loved drawing the ocean, magical girls, and stars, which still find their way into her work today. Her passion for drawing led her to study at Montclair State University where she received her B.F.A. in Animation/Illustration

Past endeavors include interning at Papercutz as an Editorial Assistant, co-writing the Nickelodeon Magazine Calendar they published, and teaching English to elementary school children in Japan.
She has also tabled at various conventions like AnimeNEXT and KindaCon.
She currently creates vector graphics and shirt designs for Keltex Imprinted Apparel.


AnimeNEXT / New Jersey / 2016-2019

KindaCon / New Jersey / 2018

Chibi-Con / New Jersey / 2015-2018

Free Comic Book Day/ New Jersey/ 2019

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